Art Exhibit: Artist Sarah Thornington Starting June 23rd Until August

Starting June 23rd and running until the third week in August, the Library will host an exhibit of the work of Marine Conservation Artist Sarah J. Thorington, highlighting the issues of climate change and plastic pollution. Known for her work, “A Year of Plastic”, in 2019 Ms. Thornington did a beach/litter pick up every day for a year and picked up at least 5 pieces of plastic on beaches each day. She was aiming for 1,825 pieces of plastic for the year. After 9 days, she’d surpassed that goal, and realized how crucial awareness of the marine litter issue was. She counted every piece of plastic she picked up, cleaned and sorted it, then photographed and created unique art pieces from her beach debris finds: after 1 year, Sarah picked up over 20,000 pieces of plastic. She continues her conservation efforts by creating and exhibiting her art, publicizing the issue of ocean conservation and pollution.

This show includes images and art of finds from a year of daily beach cleans. It is free and open to the public during library hours for all ages.

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