Reserve a Room

Preston Public Library
Meeting Room Regulations

The meeting room is available for use by local community & civic non-profit organizations or groups at the discretion of the Director of the Library. Priority may be given to Preston residents.   Please call the library at (860) 886-1010 to check availability and/or reserve a room.

1. Fees: No charge shall be made for the use of the room or for equipment provided in the room.

2. Hours: The room is available for non-Library sponsored meetings or programs if such activities are completed by 10:00 PM (unless extension is granted) and as long as the Library is not using the room.

3. Application for the use of the room must be made by an adult who will assume responsibility for loss or damage to the facility or equipment caused by the group.

4. A signed Statement of Responsibility must be completed and signed before access to the room will be permitted.

Persons wishing to use the room outside regular library operating hours will need to check out a key from the circulation desk during regular library hours. Keys will be issued to the authorized applicant.

Rules for use of the room:

a. Light refreshments are permitted.
b. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
c. Smoking is not permitted.
d. Applicant is responsible for seeing that premises are left clean and in good order,
including the removal of trash or garbage. Tables and chairs are to be returned
to their original positions.
e. Groups are responsible for carrying their own equipment into and out of the
room on the day of use.
f. The Library assumes no responsibility for property brought into the room.
g. Groups may not use the Meeting Room more than two times in any given month.
Exceptions to this are at the discretion of the Library Director.
h. Groups or members of groups may not enter the main Library during hours
when that portion of the building is not open to the general public.
i. Use of the room must not adversely affect regular Library operations.
j. The Library must be notified of the cancellation of any scheduled event.
k. Publicity distributed by the organization or group should make clear that the
Library is not sponsoring or co-sponsoring the program.
l. A Library representative may be present at any meeting or program.
m. The maximum suggested capacity for the room is 60 people and the seating
capacity is 28 people.
n. The Library reserves the right to refuse additional bookings to any group that
fails to comply with these regulations.