Summer Learning

Worlds of Possibilities Summer Learning Program 2022

Check out our 2022 Summer Learning Program “Worlds of Possibilities” an ocean-themed summer program with great programs for all ages that keep up learning skills growing throughout the year! Participate and win prizes! All summer learning programs are free: join our summer reading game, attend programs, and check out great books that will keep you hooked all summer! For more fun and learning, try our Community Bingo game for all ages!

The Preston Public Library and the Preston Public Schools use Connecticut’s Nutmeg Book Nominees for suggested summer reading. Our copies are ready for checkout to serve your summer reading needs. Click on this link for a copy of the Elementary Nominees (grades 2-3), Intermediate Nominees (grades 4-6), Middle School Nominees (grades 7-8), and High School nominees (grades 9-12):

Norwich Free Academy Summer List

For the preschool set, check out our picture books: our staff will be happy to make suggestions should you need assistance!


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